I have been doing some R&D with this style of crust. I have found a Old recipe in my Great Grand Nana’s recipes box and started to play around with it. I was told that this is a true Sicilian style dough. It said on the recipe card that it is made mostly around Christmas time and for special occasions. Thinking about putting it on my menu. The size that I going to use is 1/2 sheet tray and a full sheet. My question is: Does anyone use this style of crust, and what are your thoughts are about Sfinione style crust.

I just Googled it, and found that it’s a Sicilian mainstay, similar to focaccia, and it’s typically topped with carmelized onions, tomatoes, cheese and anchovies. It’s sometimes called Palermo Christmas Pizza, and they serve it on Christmas Eve, New Years Eve, Good Friday and the feast of San Giovanni in June. Here’s a link to another recipe and lots of background. http://www.kingarthurflour.com/blog/2009/12/28/felice-anno-nuovo-pizza-sfincione-to-greet-the-new-year/

Sounds amazing, and if I remember correctly my grandparents used to do something similar around the holidays

yes!!! we call it Sfinciuni…we use my grandfathers recipe. sausage and onion sauce and a breadcrumb and parm mix…no moz!

this is our “sfinciuni” and a dirty ass cutting board ugh!