Shameless Plug

I finally uploaded one of my TV commercials to the net. I did this TV commercial last year for my alcohol distributor in exchange for a few kegs of beer.

That is me in the Elvis suit.

Definitely Japanese! How long have you lived over there? Unless you’re a dubbing genius it looks like you’ve got a good handle on the language. Do the Japanese enjoy a traditional pizza or is there some local combination of ingredients you use? I’d be interested to hear about it if you’d like to post.

Mike - I came over in 1999 to consult for Little Caesar’s for a 1 year contract deal. Before that I was with Domino’s for 11 years. Little Caesars offered me a terrible renewal deal so I left, and when they went belly up in Japan I was in a position to pick up entire store packages for pennies on the dollar. That is how I got in to the Owner’s Circle. My first shop will be 5 in November.

I import my meats from Hormel, being from Minnesota, it is also a sales point. I can’t wait for the beef import ban to be lifted next month.

Some of my more exotic toppings are wasabi mayo, tuna, squid, corn, lamb, and alligator meat. I have posted my best seller a few times, the All American:

Green Peppars
Bacon Bits
Cheddar Cheese
Wasabi Mayo

That one came in first in the all Japan pizza championships in 2003, I also won the speed part of the competition (thanks Domino’s). Not much American about the pizza though.

I have my menu up at, but I havent updated my web site in about a year and a half, so it is a bit outdated. Feel free to drop me an email or ask here if you have any more specific questions.


ps Holy cow that video had a ton of views in the past days, thanks guys. And Tom thought I was joking when I sent in a pic of me in the Elvis suit for The Horses Mouth.