Share my tips with management? I don't think so!

I just had a former PJ’s delivery driver start here. The first night I worked with him, he left $12.00 on the counter after I cashed him out and starting walking away. I said something along the lines of “don’t forget the rest of your money” and he told me that it was for mine.

After I finally got him to take his money back, he told me it was standard at his PJ’s to tip out the manager at the end of the night :shock:

he told me it was standard at his PJ’s to tip out the manager at the end of the night

Tip out the manager or bribe the manager to hook him up for good routing?

I think it was more of a tip out. I only have one driver on weekdays and he knew that; it’s not like he can be set up with better routing.

But either way, I’m a little shocked a manager would take it. I don’t think a manager should ever have his hand in the tip jar.

Yea I’d agree with that. I’d never in a million years take tips from staff. In fact, when I get tips from the deliveries I take, I bring them back to the staff, or buy the staff dinner, specialty drinks etc.

I do something similar. When I make tips delivering they go into a lockbox inside of our safe. I then use that money for occasional bonuses. If we get slammed and the kitchen keeps up all night without an error I give them all 10 or 20 bucks. Sometimes I have to call guys in to make big orders for lunch and I give them an extra $20. I even use it to tip drivers when they take large business orders and get stiffed, which happens all too often. Had a $500 dollar order last week and they tipped $5.00.

I just looked at the accounting record and it’s been over $5,300 in the past 4 years. I should have kept it! :lol:

not sure which one sums this up better:


Go on, laugh it up while you can. I’ve been on forum sabbatical for the last few days since contrary to common opinion I do have a life outside of the computer, but I’m back now. Sorry to let you down WW, but at this point I can’t remember what particular piece of argumentative dynamite I was going to use on you at the time, I was more being polite to Gregster than anything since I tend to jump on his threads. I’m sure whatever I could come up with now wouldn’t live up to expectations, so I’ll just have to get you next time. :wink:

Yeah, cause he won’t be able to laugh later right?

No, I just don’t generally make a habit of leaving myself open to ridicule on forums, so their aren’t many opportunities to laugh at my expense. What, did you think I was making a threat? I’d have thought that the winking emote would have made my intent pretty clear…

Who’s laughing??

I want to know what you were going to post that made my question to Gregster so easy to put down? Its not the first time that when chalanged your guys conveniently ‘dissapear’.

It was a simple question which Gregster failed (yet again) to answer. And funnily enough you failed to answer when you got called out. Funny that you can posts 3 other posts after Gregsters reply without coming out with your dynamite. Next time maybe you’ll think before you post empty threats to someone (but somehow I doubt it).

Theres no emoticon next to your first sentence :wink: