Share your kitchen layouts

I am going to be redoing a few things in my store over the next couple of months and want to try and get a better workflow.
Would anyone be willing to share there kitchen layouts? A picture would be very helpful. Thanks

Anyone have input on this?

this is the new place I am working on now

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Did I read that mixer right? 175 qts?

yep cant wait to ditch my 60

Are you going with a spiral or planetary? Shape of the drawing makes me think you’re going Spiral

i picked up a barely used Globe spiral floor model for $8K

That’s not bad at all. Does that one have a lift on it to tilt the dough out of the bowl? We have a Sinmag 60 that can do 100lb max batches cant image doing larger batches, I’d guess you would be able do do ~150lbs of flour

so I am told we can do up to 3 bags at once but the downside is getting the dough out is no fun…need to cut down and manually pull out…we shall see

We do our dough on an 8 ft 30" deep table. You’ll need bigger for the maximum batch to fit the table

thanks for the heads up…honestly did not think of it but we do have the worktop cooler next to our 8’x30" table for overflow. My guy has been doing it for 15yrs and has a rounder so he bangs through it pretty quick.

Been wanting to add a rounder for years. If minimum wage goes up, that might be the tipping point

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dont wait…start looking on ebay now for a used one…bought mine approx 15yrs ago and one of the best ROI purchases I have made. Always shows up and never complains!

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What model do you have? How long does it take to clean? Our thoughts were the cleanup part of it may offset the time savings

AM Mfg R-900 RoundOMatic Dough Rounder. Minimal cleanup. I think you are confusing it with the scaler/rounder which is a pain to breakdown. Its a no brainer for a high volume shop


We were looking at one of these but the electrical requirements threw us off for a bit. Is your single 120V outlet or did you have to upgrade your electrical?

Thanks for all the great information on the rounder. Anybody else have any store layouts to share?

What kind of cooking equipment Sunshine Coast are you using and what’s the best you have used so far that you can never get tired of using?

Hi famous perry. What’s the measurements for your new space. Width x depth? I’m looking for floor plan ideas for a new space. It’s a new building 60ft deep x 200 wide. Currently We are only basically a 1300 sq ft delco unit with some seating in the lobby and we are out of room to grow. Need something like your showing a drawing of.

our new place is 26’W x 58’L