Urgently need info on sheeters. Which one to buy and if I can find a good used one. Any advise appreciated. Thanks

1st, why do you want a sheeter…and why a sheeter vrs a press or hand toss

2nd, I’ve owned 2 Somersets & been VERY happy and they’re quite helpful

Well, we are taking over a restaurant on Friday. All they make is Hand tossed. We would like to make a thin crust as a alternative choice. Would a press be better? We are using frozen dough balls. Thanks

if you change from hand tossed to sheeter you will be changing the whole pizza,learn to hand toss its not that hard

Guest said it all. Thank you Guest!
You know, you can make a really great thin crust pizza by hand tossing the dough. In fact, you can make a better one by hand than with a sheeter, and you will have a lot more of the great crispy characteristics and eye appeal. Nice raised, slightly bubbly edge, so crisp you can hear it crunch when you cut it, and so firm that you can pick it up by the rim and have it stand straight out and salute you. Now, that’s what we’re talking about here. Does this sound like something you would like to make? Or would you rather have a thin crust with a rather dense crumb structure, not much of a raised edge, and possibly look something akin to a poker chip or one of the commercially made thin crust pizzas that you can buy at your local supermarket from the frozen food display case. If that’s what you are looking for, the sheeter will serve you well. Hey gang, all is not bad with sheeters, if you happen to be into making a lavash or cracker type crust, a sheeter is the only way to make this type of crust without killing yourself with a rolling pin.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Having heard why, I again ask why? Why change success?

I began w/a sheeter, tried a press, learned to hand toss, used a press again, then hand tossed again (all different shops)…

My preference is hand tossed…you can learn quite quickly (esp. @ 7 p.m. on Friday nite, when you are short-staffed)