Sheeting Pizza Dough

We currently slap all our dough but I would like to use a sheeter that came with an equipment package. I have tried it with a few pizzas and really liked the results. Need a little help from those who sheet their dough.

  1. Is there a method to presheeting a large number of dough balls and keeping them in the walk-in.
  2. How long will presheeted dough last in the cooler.

Any help would be appreciated.

sheeting and storing doesnt work well, you are better off sheeting and proofing, from my memory there is a 45 min hold time on most sheeted skins.

If you put the skins back in the walk-in after sheeting, then bring out again, the quality is not the same as a fresh sheet or sheet and proof.

You really cannot stockpile and have the quality be consistent, but with a sheeter you can pump them out fast anyway.

My only tip with a sheeter is to learn to press before sheeting…getting a soft edge is important and most dont know how to both remove the ball from the pan and press to get the soft edge.

I make dough a day ahead. When sheeting, I pull a box of dough balls directly from the cooler and sheet them using an Acme two pass sheeter. I then stack the skins 10 high on a pan with a piece of parchment paper between each skin and wrap them in a plastic bag and put them back in the cooler. They will keep up to 14 hours without much noticable loss in quality, but after that, they’re better off pitched. When making a pizza, I simply pull a skin off the stack, sauce, cheese and bake directly on the deck, parchment and all. Keeps the make table and oven cleaner.


Do you have to let the sheeted dough get back to room temperature or can use directly from the cooler.

Thank you!

I’ve sheeted it both ways. It’s a little easier on the sheeter if you let it get to room temp, but I don’t have any problems if pulling it straight from the cooler. My normal procedure is to pull it straight from the cooler.