sheetout management

Hey guys, looking to get some advice on managing sheet outs. We use a deep dish style pan for our pan pizzas. Do not add oil to the pan, sheet out the dough into the pan and let proof for (ideally) 1-5 hours before using. At about the 5 hour mark (less depending on temperature of the store) they dough will be too blown to use & we will toss it.
I have some kitchen help working for me that are trying to convince me we can hold the sheet outs in the walk in overnight if we have extras at the end of the night that are not too proofed. My prior employer, a nationwide chain, always said “never put sheet outs in the walk in”…never explained why though! We have done a little bit of testing with this, and the results seem to be satisfactory.
My concern is, if we do this, controlling it properly. When will a sheet out be too proofed to save, what is the effect on the yeast of cooling it and then letting it warm up again, etc.
Does anyone currently do this? What are the pros and cons, advice, etc.



How about parbaking it? Let it proof for an hour or so, then bake for 2 minutes (or less, play with it). Then you’ll have no problem keeping them.

May I ask why no oil in the pan?

While @ CiCi’s, they make their deep dish & their garlic bread early in the day, proofed once in bulk, then portioned/panned out & proofed again, plastic wrapped for an hour or two…

Then they are to be used within 48 hours

Oil in the pan is also another point we have discussed. I would have no idea how much oil to use for the different sizes of pizzas 10", 12", 14" (plus half and full sheet). Would the sheet outs keep for the same amount of time? This would also be an added cost for each pizza and (probably) drastically change the profile of our pizzas. I know that it does seem odd that we use deep dish pans with no oil. Coming from the franchise that is what I was used to and comfortable with, so thus, no oil. No necessarily opposed to it—as long as it would definitely improve our pizzas.


CiCi’s uses a liquid margarine & a garlic flavored margarine…just liberally paint the bottom & sides…we used to toss 'em after 48 hours, as they’d be nearly blown by then, but rarely did we have any past that date…

We can sheet and fridge our deeps for up to a week with very little problem. We simply use a good pan spray in the pans and assemble the pans. We wrap the pans well with plastic wrap and get by pretty easy.

At Little Caesars we used the deep dish pans with cornmeal… simply put the leftover sheetouts in the morning would be a little flat and almost ‘crispy’, I believe the LC literature said moisture had something to do with it. I don’t quite remember, I just know I tried it some mornings and did not feel comfortable serving it to the customer. It just had a different look and taste, and neither was an improvement. I use similar pans now and leftover sheetouts are just re-incorporated into the next morning batches of dough.

We rub all of our pans with shortening (Crisco) and store them refrigerated always. We get 2-3 days out of them. However, our Deep-Dish is designed to be a dense pie-like crust so your mileage may vary. The Crisco creates a great crunchy outer-layer as well.