anyone use them?

Been talking with and they seem like a great company, very knowledgeable about everything ovens.

Just wanted to know if anyone has used them and would share thier experiances with them. I just like to hear from other customers before spending alot of money


I have bought a couple of replacement parts from and sold them my old oven. I have no complaints with any of my transactions, and Marcus has always been very helpful diagnosing equipment problems.

I can not say enough about the service that you will get from Marcus. I bought an oven and hood system from him. Marcus personally delivered the oven and set it in my new shop. I have his personal cell phone number and he has either answered my phone calls immediately or returned my calls in a reasonable time.

Marcus also has a wealth of knowledge that he will share with you about the industry. My experience with Marcus has been great! I will do business with him again.

Hope this helps.

Maybe check the ongoing series of stories being posted in another thread… Posted here so as to “bump” on the Google God…

my only experience with the company is their posting ‘stealth’ ads on Craigs List and not identifying themselves when I called. I expect a serious big time company would want me to know who they are.