Shipping pizza

Hi. I am just in the preliminary stages of investigating creating a little start up shipping pizza. I just want to ship pizzas from an established pizza place. They will give me the rights to do this. I am looking to work with a consultant on finding out what is necessary to set this up as they are simply supplying me the pizzas and I will have to do the rest. I am concerned about the usda restrictions. Please advise on persons or resources that can help out. Many thanks,

You may also fall under your state department of agriculture for some regulation. It may be worth contacting them as a starting point.

And if you are going to ship, you most likely will need to freeze the pies which will require a very expensive blast freezer.

Thanks for the input. I am just trying to get together everything I would need to cover to get things up and running. I see the guys just pick up pizzas from local NY pizza shops and then ship them. That is basically what I am talking about - I wonder if they did they State/USDA compliance. Anyways, I am still looking for a resource or person which can help guide through every hurdle necessary to overcome to get this going.

You will find that shipping anything with meat across state lines is prohibitively complex.
That’s why most places that do this only send cheese or veggie pies…

Yes, think we may start by just penciling out doing just plain cheese pies. Still looking for a person or resource to help me work my way through this. Thanks

it has been my experience (I was a wholesaler 4 a while) that you sell a “Cheese” pizza…as I recall, as long as the “meat” doesn’t exceed 3% of the weight, it is still a “cheese” pizza…

but 4 the life of me, I can’t see this being a profitable business…worth the time/investment/marketing

Thanks for keeping the input rolling in - please keep it coming.

I’m genuinely interested in why anyone would pay to have a day old pizza shipped to them (another day ro two days) to then reheat?

I’m sure that the original pizza was fine when it was made but 2-3 days old having been chilled and shipped?

Anyone had one of these?

Talk to the folks at FEDEX they can even custom build you boxes that hold dry ice etc and they know what can and cant be shipped

Thanks a bunch - I actually know someone with a huge online biz that ship a ton fed-ex that said the same thing - hopefully I can hook up with his contacts…

You know, this thread sounds awfully familiar to one a few months ago…