Shoe recommendations for all day support

I would like to see which shoes folks recommend for standing on your feet all day. Being a fat man, I am partial to New Balance MW926 in lack with a gel insert. But I would love to hear your recommendation.

Honestly Dewar…

I am 200 lbs and a female with a horrible back (slipped disc).

I wear generic crocs with socks (like Malto Mario does) and it, so far, is the best comfort for the “long haul” I’ve experienced yet.

No kidding?! My wife said Costco is selling Crocs right now. I will pop in and pick up a pair.

No kidding…

For me, they do work…and are pretty darned slip resistant in water…and not too bad in flour, either.

I usually wear a pair of compression socks for any 8 hour or more days. I have wide feet so my shoe preference is a reebok walking shoe wide size. The ones that are purple, orange, and white.

Do “Crocs” comply with Worker’s Compensation rules?..In my province, nurses got in trouble for wearing Crocs…Something to do with them being open…

Hey! Crocs makes a restaurant version of their shoe!

I wear . $35-$50, not exactly running shoes, but my feet don’t move on a slippery floor. I highly recommend and I’m thinking of making them mandatory. Need 2 pairs per year.

Excellent site! They make a Croc-like clog but much better:

SFC Froggzâ„¢ Slip-Resistance Test

Oh, and I think I will require that my employees purchase a pair as well. In black.

Nice Dewar!

Thanks for the share!