Anybody recommend a good brand of shoe for being on your feet 14 hours a day?

I enjoy my Merrell clogs very much, they weren’t cheap but they are worth the investment. After working 14 hour days, the last thing I wanted to think about was my aching feet!

I just get a decent cross training or running shoe. Currently on an Avia kick.I look for ones with good arch support and a cushioned heel that fits well. Some of our employees use the gell sport inserts, they seem to help too. I think the most important thing to is to find what works for you. After I raved about how great my feet were at the end of the day with my new shoes, one of my employees went out and bought the same shoes and he could not stand them.


I recommend Shoes For Crews…personally, I’ve never had an issue and they’re very comfortable. Here’s their website if you’re interested:

Fireside you beat me too it! I have a close friend that work for them in Florida. They are a great organization to deal with.

As soon as my running shoes hit the magic 500 mile mark, they get retired to pizza shoes. If I start having problems with my legs or back, I’ll buy pizza specific shoes.

Shoes for Crews… Been using them for years.

One key element to look at is the SOLES of the shoes. Shoes for Crews as well as a couple others (I got some Dr Scholl’s loafers) have rubber soles designed for slip resistance in lots of industries. Grease/water slip resistant shoes are a huge asset in a kitchen. Shoes for Crews used to even offer some liability coverage against slip injuries when wearing their shoes. Tennis shoes/Cross Trainers can be comfortable . . . but are slick like glass when the tile floor gets wet.

Never slipped in my slip resist shoes or 4 different brands. Tennis shoes? Hit the floor 4 times in 4 years in wet floor areas. I eventual have learned. (Bumbles do bounce)

Two Pairs!!! Bring an extra pair of socks too. Does the feet good come shift change.

I have gotten shoes for crews and do like them but they are a bit heavy for shoes you wear all day.

I like dr scholls mens (i am a woman) for winter, black. Mostly wear asics. Love em and super comfy. Guess it depends on how dressy you get and how slippery your floors are.

Either way have 2 pairs and switch them when you are working that many hours.

Kris makes a good point here. You need multiple pairs of shoes even if you dont change during the day. You need to rotate the shoes. Get yourself 2-3 pairs and use them and let them rest a day too. You pay more upfront but the shoes will last longer and your feet will benefit.

I wear Dr. Scholls slip resistant shoes, I never step into a kitchen with out slip resistant shoes. I also buy the inserts. It feels like I am walking on air. Walmart has them priced pretty reasonable but I find that the shoes only last about six months or so.

I find the Rebox (black) walking shoes the best for me. Great extra, extra wide fit for my Fred Flinstone feet, good non slip soles and a nice soft leather / vinyl uppers. I buy 2 pair at atime and rotate every couple of weeks.


Try any of the new “toning shoes”, they really don’t “tone” your legs as advertized, (well, they must a little, because you use slightly different leg and calf muscles, but I haven’t noticed any visible diff.), But what they do, do, is instantly give you “perfect” posture, and take all the stress off your toes and heels. (The “posture” part is enormously helpful for back pain, etc.) After 14 hours on my feet, I still feel like I’m floating on air!! (I’m 6 foot tall 250lbs, 57 years old, and male)