Shoot holes in this idea please

So for my new restaurant i am thinking of stealing an idea from maggianos. Dinner served family style but priced per person and all you can eat. Includes garlic knots, choice of 2 salads and 3 different specialty pizzas or 3 topping build your own and our cannoli dip for dessert. I’m thinking between 12 and 15 per person.

Will entirely depend on your demographics. At $12 to $15 per person, that would be a non starter around here. Even with what you are describing, which would sound worth it if you always kept high quality.

From what i see, even people with money, they only want to spend about $8 to $9 per person per meal (and i still see people complain about that). Quality no longer seems to be a concern with the majority of people. It is all about cost.

If you did do all you can eat, i would suggest doing it Olive Garden style. First platter is large and has everything a normal meal would be. But each plate after that should only be 25% of the first, and it would require either a server to deliver it or, have the customer go up and get a refill somehow. This process will reduce waste from people taking/ordering more then they can eat and you losing money.

We have a restaurant in town called “The Colander”…For years they have been serving their “special”…Salad, spaghetti, meatballs, chicken, potatoes, dinner roll and coffee…The food keeps coming if you are eating…Quite often even with only the 1st serving there is enough for leftovers…Current price is C$13.29…On weekends they are very busy…

I’m in Naples fl which is littered with average touristy restaurants, our quality sets us apart, there are a lot of bad expensive places here. we do deep dish as well as cracker crust so deep dish will be an add on

Demographics I suppose does play a major role. I’m glad I don’t live in an area with people who don’t want to spend more than 8-9 per person!!

me too, but i’m sure the rent is right! it’s all relative

Like D9 says… it depends on your market. In my town there is nowhere you can go for dinner that costs less than $15 per person. $15 is what the sit-down places in town get for a hamburger. Your deal at $15 would be very popular.