Shop Closure

We closed our pizza shop approx 4 months ago. The stress relief is incredible after 5 years of struggle. It has also given us some time for reflection to look at our mistakes, local economy issues and what improvements we can make if we give it another shot. Good luck to all who are still in the fight !

Good luck in your new adventure. I know how tough it is to make the decision to close down.

I am always sorry to hear about a business that has to shut down after working so hard to be successful…Sorry to say it is becoming too common amongst my clients…Good luck!..

I too am sorry to hear of your closure. I have been through this experience as well so I know the pain you must feel.

If you are willing I would love to hear what things you would choose to do different or what you would advise a new or aspiring operator based on your experiences.

I am actually glad to hear you have moved to the relief portion of the process. I am still feeling a little strife and regret over our closure end of August. It helps hearing that 4 months you are feeling that you are past it. I find that browsing here, living vicariously through the many still here, and tossing out a tidbit of my experience every now and again . . . it helps me ease the angst and little bit of grief that still lingers.

Still can’t find a good pizza near me!!