Shop / Equipment

I am looking to sell the shop/equip.

What is the best way to get it out there, we are a small shop not doing big numbers, and I want to just offload it for $25,000 (inc. equipment)? We’re in a suburb of Albany NY.

Hey I’m up in Saratoga and looking for a second shop what info could you give me (net sales rent…)

pretty much in the words of Kamron,
it would be an equipment sale.
there is some business, but obviously you need to boost those.
last year we did >100k, small potatoes

the store is the equivalent of a car on its last legs-- everything is there to run it, but investment in equipment is needed. we have 2x y600s, walk-in, couple of freezers, sink, make-unit (needs compressor) etc.

decent location in delmar, low rent, $490/month - I have the paperwork for a lease for the potential buyer. eating area with 6 booths. really needs someone willing to make it run right, i am no longer interested in doing it anymore. i haven’t marketed it in 6-10 months, but we have good stuff. its the old pizza baron, the only one left. drop me an email at we can talk further, i’ll give you my personal line. i am really motivated to sell the joint and equip. i am going to sell it or close it by august, my mind has been made up on that.

let me know via email. thanks man