Shop for sale in PA- approx 45 minutes NE of Philly. We’ve been in business 10 years and it’s time to move on. We have kids that we want to see grow up, and our other business is doing very well with much less time.

This is an excellent opportunity with tons of growth potential. Sales are currently around 165k with almost no marketing. There is an industrial park and a shopping center 2 miles away. Hundreds of homes are projected to be built in the very near future. Construction of a massive hospital and cancer center to begin this year, 2 miles away. Close to a dozen schools within 10 miles.

This is a pizza shop offering pizza, dinners, sandwiches, wings, etc. ROTOFLEX oven & POS system!!! This is primarily a carry-out business; however, we do offer delivery and table service. Large dining room with seating for 40.

There is a fair amount of competition in the area. However, all the pizza shops, this one included are just average with regards to quality and service, prices in all shops are about the same as well. The way I see it, you have 2 options with this shop-1) produce a phenomenal product and charge accordingly, or 2) go for volume and have rock bottom prices.

The pizza shops around here have never heard of the Black Book-if you have the capital to market this place, you’ll go far.

You have the option for a long term lease, currently at $1200/month. You may also have the option to buy.

We’re asking $125K for everything, and we’re looking to close ASAP. If you’re interested, PM me or email at