Shop-owned delivery vehicles & nanny-cams....

We are getting our own delivery vehicle, we plan to install a dashcam with 2 cameras on it, one to cover the front, and a wide angle rear facing lens to record driver actions.
The particular model I plan to get has GPS tracking, shock sensors, accelerometers and 9-hour recording with swappable SD cards.

I have been wrongfully cited due to a wreck where I was not at fault, it totally sucks! Luckily I was able to get surveillance footage from a gas station to exonerate myself in court.
If I have a driver involved in a wreck, I want to know how, why, when, and where with video and g-force evidence (thinking about bogus workmans comp claims here too)
And to make sure the vehicle is not being abused, plus it would be nice to know what’s going on in our vehicles when out on the road . If I have a driver smoking something they shouldn’t be, or spinning doughnuts in parking lots, I want to know about it first, not getting calls from other people.

If you use cameras, what brand/model do you like, which ones were crap, and their cost.

My taxi buddy has a new affordable model being shipped, it’s only $300.00 so I get to see how it works before purchasing one. I’ll report its feasibility, and where to buy if it is decent

I have had a dash cam with gps in my company vehicle for a couple years. I got a cool video of a guy dancing in the rain as we were waiting at a railroad crossing. I have the Garmin Dash Cam 20 but it only has a front facing camera.

Here is the unit we plan to use, our local Taxi business has one of these coming to test out for hinself, he has been buying different cameras all week and sending me the reviews (he’s a really good customer, we advertise on his vehicles, and he hire him to do some deliveries if we do not have a driver show up for work)

I’ll post a review when I see how well they work

How much of your time do you expect to spend watching these videos?


Good question!
Only if there is an incident that needs to be reviewed.
Lets say I have a driver that goes missing for an unusual amount of time, or they come back smelling like Bob Marley boxer shorts, or if there is a wreck or some accusation of reckless or unwanted behavior while out on delivery.
The police in this area can be fairly lenient, but there is also one particular cop on every force that can be known to fabricate an infraction, or embellish items on an incident report, so I see this as a way of protecting our drivers and the business at the same time.
As I mentioned in an earlier post, having an onboard camera in my personal vehicle would have saved me some headaches in the past with me being blamed for a wreck that was not my fault, yet I got cited for it anyways . If the drivers are not comfortable with an onboard camera to cover their butts, I guess we do not need them here.

I do know people who have used the them and it does make drivers be a little more cautious however I’m sure if someone want to misbehave they’ll find a way to disable it!!

You will need to check it regulalry to ensure it is being used properly and doesn’t get ‘accidentally’ knocked every shift. From experience that is quite time consuming.

We are looking to do this as well been thinking about getting a delivery vehicle and wrapping it and having drivers rotate driving it simply for the exposure. Please keep us updated never thought about putting cameras in.