Shop renovation

We are doing a bit of renovation in shop.
We do have two phone lines
Register and pizza cutting station at front section
But we do have big space that we never use
It’s mostly a take away shop.

Any ideas or plan if someone can suggest.

Does the public have easy access to the area or is it a back room. It is up front you may think about a counter seating option. Can you find an option that generates income with the space?

Yes it do have public access.

We are doing counter seating near windows

Not cheap but we added an accordion style window to the front of our shop and added bar seating inside & outside…it really draws people in and on nice days feels like we are on vacation while at work

Do you have a pic of how that turned out? We’re looking into purchasing another building and had around the same idea


That is awesome! Well done

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your place looks more phenomenal every time you share more of it.


ha thanks…I swear I am not touching another thing until I retire!!!

now that I think of it some thing that is always overlooked is the kitchen floor drains. If I had to do it all over again I would put a 6" wide trough drain across the middle of my entire kitchen. We ended up going with the conventional floor drains that I emphasized need to be pitched properly. Needless to say my contractor did not supervise his subs and this was not done. After withholding some of the final payment they begrudgingly installed these 18" floor sinks with drain baskets to replace all the drains.