Shopify for online orders?

Does anyone use Shopify for their online orders? I am currently in the process of setting up our online ordering system and currently planning to use mobi2go. Mobi2go charges 3% commission + credit card fees ($0.30 + 2.9%) This is in NZD.

Mobi2go integrates directly into our POS (Kounta) which works really well, but I hate the fact that we have to pay commission for using their software. I don’t pay commissions for how much $ goes through my accounting software, why should I for your software?

Shopify also integrates with our POS as well as a voucher/marketing platform we are looking at using (Marsello) and only charges credit card fees.

My only concern is that Shopify is not purpose-designed for takeout/delivery whereas mobi2go is for this exact purpose.

So has anyone tried this? Thoughts?