Shops doing $400-500k a yr, what ovens do you use?

Setting my goals at approx that range and for the time being seeing what Oven(s) I should use/need.
As it sits I am planning on a dbl stack LI-1450 and then a LI-1301 for toasting the sub rolls.I chose this as its little overkill,but If something was ever to happen to my gas line/supply,it wouldn’t shut me down completely.Has a 16" wide conveyor.Also I plan on setting up at a few local carnivals,and I can bring that with me and cook on the spot.
What I’m tryng to feel out in this post is the amount of oven I willl need.
should I just start with 1 1450 and add another if need be?
I don’t think I will 100% need a dbl stack,but would absolutely hate to not me able to keep up on a friday night or a large order.I already have a couple 15 Tray orders after I open and if they decided to place that order for 6pm on a Friday night(which would be a good chance) I don’t think I could handle it.

Double stack of MM360’s.

double stack MM 360’s is quite the norm…use one during slow times & crank the other up when needed

use 'em both 4 subs, just put them in half way…

the little one for festivals is another story…have ya done any real biz like that? its an odd sort of life…

ANY 2 ovens should be fine…conveyor OR deck

I started with one oven and surpassed the 500k per year with just that one oven. I have recently added a second oven and now am kicking myself for not doing it sooner.

Why is that daddio?Would it have made the customer service that much faster?I was planning on having the lower one in use then if I should need to turn on the upper one which should already be a tad warm from the bottom one.
If you did have a deck over could you use 2 decks for that volume or would you need 3 or 4?My only concern is that they take an hour or so to heat up or are they a little faster now?Conveyerors only take about 15mins to get to temp right?

depends on your market…when I ran a college store, 1 oven was impossible, as we get 20-50 pie orders @ once, several times a week…

The other thing to consider here is having a backup, You might not need 2 ovens all the time - or even at all. But what if one of your ovens has a mechanical problem - especially on the weekend? If it is your only oven, you are in big trouble. If you have 2, no problem.

i use 2 decks. turn the 2nd one on @ 1pm so it will be ready for 4pm… takes a good 2 1/2 - 3 hrs to heat up from the start.

I also use a deck oven I have 2 BP Y600 stacked. I am doing over 500k and yes we sometimes get backed up but normaly we can keep up.

The questions are how many pizzas of what size do you intend to bake during your busiest hour of the busiest evening of the week, also do you intend to go after school contracts and other high volume accounts?

Answer the above questions and i will indicate what you need in ovens.

George Mills

Just a point RE: PS360 ovens. Those ovens represent 20+ year old technology. They only burn about 80% of the gas used. They have an exhaust pipe that blows 10 to 15% of the heat generated out the hood. They use 220 Volt power and use twice the electricity of 120 volt ovens.
They are such a pain to clean that operators do not disassemble and clean them often enough. Replacement parts are double or triple those of some newer ovens.

A few of the newer ovens burn 98% of the gas, have no exhaust pipes wasting heat, are simple to clean, operate on 120 volts, and have other advantages.

Buyers of old ovens will soon pay the cost of new ovens in higher operating expenses and continue to pay as long as they stay with the old technology
George Mills

Do you have any breakeven point numbers based on that statement?

In other words, how long would it take to recoup my costs of buying BOFI’s in gas and electricity savings?

The answer depends on a great many variables. Middleby claims a tested 30% savings on oven operating costs.
As BOFI and MM use the same gas burning system and as BOFI ovens are 120 volt and the electrical costs are about 1/2 the cost to operate a 220 volt MM then perhaps we can simply use 30 % saving over existing cost of operation. You could also take in to consideration two years of parts and labor warranty, and reduced costs of cleaning. You would want to take the cost of buying a set of old 360 ovens and subtract that from the cost of Bofi units then see how soon the difference would take to be saved.

For a more personal estimation: if you would give me what your gas, electrical, service, parts, cleaning and any other oven operating costs were for say yearly for the last couple of years I would try to give you an estimate for your particular situation.
George Mills

The second oven has allowed me to give better customer service ie reduce the wait time on Friday and Saturday. I also can have the top oven up to heat in 15 minutes ( gas conveyor ) when thing start to get crazy.

I wish to clarify my prior post, When I state Middleby claims they have tested and found there ovens 30% more efficient they are talking about their newest models. not the old PS360.
George Mills

“A few of the newer ovens burn 98% of the gas, have no exhaust pipes wasting heat, are simple to clean, operate on 120 volts, and have other advantages.”

I’m opening up a pizza place and am in the beginning stages of looking at ovens. So what year are these newer models? I’m just looking for a cut-off date so I don’t purchase equipment that is out of date.


I cannot say with accuracy the date that various manufacturers made the switch to the new burners and modulating gas valves. I would guess that anything over 5 years old would not have the up dates.

Hold off if you can for a few more months. There are greatly improved burners coming out again.
George Mills