Shops in NC

Who do we have that is located in Central NC? I would love to visit some of the operators close to me. I am just outside of Raleigh.

Two Guys Pizza has a great pizza. Two Guys has been on Hillsborough Street (across from NCSU) since the early 70’s. Also, you need to try Mellow Mushroom that is downtown Raleigh, close to the Capital Building.

The best pizza in Raleigh (next door to Two Guys Pizza) closed down 2 years ago - Brother’s Pizza Palace !!!


Mellow Mushroom is still in business!? I thought they closed down a couple years ago. I am located in Angier. I will need to come by and sample your pie :slight_smile:

Mellow Mushroom just opened within the past year. They have a fabulous crust!!! They are located at 601 W Peace Street in downtown Raleigh.

we have a mellow mushroom opening across the street from us in march :cry:

Mellow Mushroom is a big chain based out of Atlanta, right? I used to eat there a lot when I lived in Atlanta but have not eaten their pizza much since I’ve moved to Raleigh. They have a location near the Durham ballpark and also one at Glenwood south in downtown Raleigh. I believe their Chapel Hill location closed.

There is a new indy operation in Durham you should check out: Pittsburgh Pizza and Wing Factory ( I know the owners and they are still trying to get established but they have 2 locations already and have a very unique pizza and excellent wings.

Randy’s Pizza is in my opinion the best local indy chain that does NY style pizza. They have several locations in Durham and RTP area.

A lot of people will say that Lilly’s is the best local pizza place but I’m not a huge fan. Their shtik is that they have like 50+ gourmet toppings to choose from, and I’m more of a basic pepperoni and mushroom guy.