Short employee help

I have a newer employee that is doing a good job. Problem is, she is way too short and can barely grab the toppings and cheese from the make line. Any thoughts on solutions for this?

Had a similar situation. Bought her a nice step stool, the up and down off the stool wasn’t practical.

Ended up moving her to cut. It worked out.

That’s what I was thinking. Thanks

Use an aerobic step in front of the salad bar.

A friend of mine used one in front of his deck oven it was actually minimally invasive and helped the shorter staff tremendously

I have had a similar experience with a front of house staff who wanted to work in the kitchen. She was good on the make table. She couldn’t reach the shelf above it. It just didn’t work. I made her a driver. Our drivers do most of the prep. She did really well in that position.

Thanks guys. The workout step is working pretty well for now. We’ll see how it goes