Short Notice Marketing opportunity: Pi Day

It appears that Pi Day is celebrated by math geeks worldwide on March 14th.

Too many fun ideas to think about for this year. I hope I remember for next year.

The schools would be a great place for this, too bad it falls on a weekend for the next two years.

Nick, how many math geeks could you possibly have in small town Georgia? :lol:

I actually got a call from the high school yesterday saying they wanted to do something…
yet to hear back though

The other issue would be that math geeks have their meals ready-made by their moms. Even the 40 year old ones. :wink:

Pi Day Special

Large 1-Topping pizza² $16.99

2 Large 1-Topping Pizza $8.49²


14" special $0.0974 pi r square ($14.99)

Nick probably worked this out in his head … GEEK :stuck_out_tongue:


You counted on your fingers didn’t you Dave?

Now that was funny…heheheee

Oh no Richard.

You let the secret out that I’m a digitally enhanced mathematician who failed the Geek school.


Only thing I’m figuring out in my head these days is how to get a double stack Y602 oven into my shop by summer! Money, money, money . . . got none - need some. I guess to stay on thread, that shouold be

Bakers Pride Y602² > money on hand :frowning: