Short presentation

Hi to all

My name is Jean-Luc, I own a pizza truck here in France. I’m member of the Fédération des Pizzaïolos Français, a new French federation whose the aim is to promote quality pizza in France.

I hope to share with you all what makes a pizza good in both our countries and learn a bit more about pizza in the USA.




Pizza truck? Is this a mobile kitchen, where everything is self-contained (i.e. prep tables, sinks, oven, etc.) Just curious. Thanks and welcome.

That’s it. Pizza trucks are common in France. There are at least 9 trucks in my town working every evening. If you’re interested, I will post pics of my truck.

Nice looking trucks! A lot like a “pizza trailer” but a lot more mobile.
Anybody have a ny pics of the interior set-up?
How do you operate these? Receive a phone order and then prepare the pizza as you drive to the delivery address? What kind/type of dough do you use? (Make your own or use a prepared dough) How about ovens, I didn’t see any gas tanks, so I’ll assume they are electric. Boy! I’m just full of questions…always wanting to learn more about the way some body else makes their pizzas.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Nice trucks. Mine isn’t so big.

Here pics of my truck.

and the oven.

I will try to post pics of the interior this weekend.

I work somewhat like a take out shop, always at the same place every evening. I make my own dough, a mix of different high W flours.

There was a man that had a fleet of that type of truck running under the name of Super Fast Pizza here is an article on his opperation.

That truck is just beggin’ to be wrapped!

Wonder if that guy is still in business. I could not see how he would make it work with the capitalization required to outfit an entire truck ending up like being a one-driver store.

A quick google search makes me think that the guy in WI who was operating as Super Fast Pizza is no longer in business. The website just loads into a buy this domain thing. He got a TON of press from the idea too, so it really is surprising that it didn’t work out for him.