Should Domino's Buy Her a New $900 Puppy?

Sad story, but is the driver responsible? Domino’s? Or this nutty Lady?

Domino’s Killed Her Puppy in 30 Minutes or Less

Would you buy her a new $900 Jack Russell puppy?

I probably would buy her a puppy, despite the fact that I think she was in the wrong. She claims to have been watching the dogs, so how did one end up outside? But the bad publicity that is sure to follow this incident will cost them more than $900(a ridiculously high price for a jack russel). Should have named the dog Noid.

I am sure that Domino’s could legally avoid paying, however, their losses from the bad publicity will be way more than $900.00…

Unless her Jack Russell puppy was a show quality champion, there is no way it was worth $900.

I would be demanding the bill of sale on the pup and reimbursing her exactly what she paid for him to purchase another puppy from the breeder, who will in turn, probably not sell her another puppy because of her inability to contain her dog.

I own an AKC Registered Miniature Schnauzer (and paid $575.00 for her), and anyone who has a Terrier that cares to know about their dogs knows that a Terrier is bred to hunt, and either needs to be inside or in a contained yard…because no matter HOW well it’s trained, it WILL dart out into a driveway or street if it even sees a leaf go tumbling by.

It is a sad situation, but she is trying to play on the emotions of other animal lovers out there to get what she wants…and that is even sadder.

I think in this kind of situation Dominos was put in a unwinable position. If they argue that it is her fault, they look like jerks and it’s a PR disaster. If they buy a new puppy you’re out $900($1100 with airfare) and they still get bad press.

You have to take common sense out of the equation here. The cost of a new puppy is far less of that caused by the damage of this woman writing newspapers and telling her story(as wacky as it sounded) to anyone who’ll listen. Three days in the kitchen with her dead dog !?!?! Geesh.

Apologize for causing the dog’s early demise, emphasis the fact that this was an accident and that driver safety is the top priority at your shop, explain how how everyone at your shop, including the driver is so distraught by this event, buy her a new dog and pay for the dead dogs funeral. Maybe even start a doggie fund in the memory of her dead dog. Or have a fundraiser in the dogs memory that will send money to ASPCA or dog kennel.

The last couple ideas are slightly extreme, but you do what you need to do to turn a negative into a positive.

I suppose the non-emotional, less hassle way to deal with it is to just buy her another puppy but I have a real problem with this. This quote reflects my thoughts.

“I’ll give Lisa the attention, but she’ll have to look elsewhere for sympathy. In fact, I think her odious account of Odie’s demise is a great example of the lack of personal accountability and self-entitlement so prevalent in franchising and society today.”

I hate to see this happen but what really made me sick is her reaction and expectations. She actually said she was being responsible. How can she possibly say that she was watching it if it got out without her seeing it???

Maybe she should call Al Sharpton to come down and shake that owner down . . .

Tough situation. I feel for the manager. The owner of the dog was irresponsible and vindictive.

Nutty Lady…Hot coffee?

Forget the cheesy bread…send her a hot dog with kraut.

You mean the infamous Stella Liebeck?..

Tough Luck. Your dog was run over on a public street.

I think you can tell a lot about the humanity of this lady thinking this is domino’s fault and ready to buy a new dog 3 days after her dog died.

Based on the size of the one in the pic, I’m not sure the driver even knew he hit something. She should be glad the driver isn’t suing her for the trauma caused by the dog being outside and the driver hitting the dog. Emotional scarring I tell you. But in the end, they should have bought her off BEFORE it became a PR mess. Now, the damage is done.

Are you kidding? The driver and emotional scarring. GOOD LORD. Litigate that one for me please.


I can’t, but I bet some lawyer would take the case. With the cost of gas, chasing ambulances is getting expensive :slight_smile: