Should I add chicken wings?

Hi everyone

In 2022 I started an ice cream and funnel cake shop in a resort town. It went over really well. I wanted to add revenue for my second year and the town I am in didn’t have pizza. So I did a lot of research and trial/error and came up with a great recipe. It was really successful and we sold a lot of pizza. Here is my question to all of the veterans on this page…I am wondering if I should add chicken wings for the 2024 season. I already have a vent hood so I just need to add a deep fryer which would be about 1500.00. I am wondering if adding chicken wings will add total sales or just split sales between pizza and wings. ie) If someone used to order 3 pizzas last year, will they order 2 pizzas and wings this year? Do you think my sales would remain the same but split between two products? What are your experiences with this?

Thank you!

If you price them right, I say absolutely go for it.
I know my store works like a Venn diagram. Meaning if I didn’t have my fryer id sell less pizza. My fryers are attached to 80% of my orders.
French fries are easy and popular.
Wings are easy. Idk if you are going to buy fresh or a frozen product.

Keep in mind your frying oil is a big cost. Maintenance is paramount, and safety is huge.

How are u cooking your funnel cake currently? Ive never seen them before but I thought they were a fried dough variation.

I use a funnel cake fryer which is an electric counter top unit. Yes, they are like a fried dough.
Thank you for your input!

Like December said, oil is a major cost to maintain food quality and safety. I sold jumbo wings, and i par par cooked and flash froze to reduce the time.

Thank you! Do you think I will sell less pizza if I also have wings? I just don’t want to add another product and keep sales the same.

I think pizza and wings are complimentary

I don’t have room for a fryer. I buy LaNova pre cooked wings. I sell 5 for $9.50 and sell in multiples of 5. They come in frozen and we run them through our oven twice and they are ready. It is easy.

Hey Dear!
considering adding chicken wings to my ice cream/funnel cake shop after successful pizza addition. Wondering if it’ll boost sales or just split them between pizza and wings.