should I get a lawyer?

Last summer I bought a $25,000 new pesi pro series conveyor oven. It was shipped more than four weeks late. It came scratched and dented. It was damaged during installation. A door latch has broken off. It is missing parts( 2 screws 2heat shields and two pesi name plates). It has been 7 months of requesting warranty service but I have received none of the missing parts and no repairs have been made. They don’t return my calls or E-mails. What should I do?

Please look at my photos of the oven for yourself

All companies make mistakes. It’s how they handle their mistakes that separate the great companys from the average copanys from the krap companys. It looks like you have found one of the last catagory of companys. Lawyers are expensive. It is very difficult to sue an out of state company. It may be worth an hour or two to have an attorney write a letter threatening legal action. Don’t hold your breath though.

Please post where you bought this so we can steer clear of them.

I bought it directly from P.E.S.I. Pizza Equipment Supply International.

Did your vendor install it?..
Was the damage due to the trucking company?..
Was the oven bought direct or through a dealer?..

Lawyers are a “crap shoot” at best…They will certainly cost you money with no guarantee of any results…

Have you contacted the Better Business Bureau? File a complaint, that usually helps out a great deal.

Pesi trucked It In a Pesi truck. Installed by a Pesi installer. The ovens cant be installed without damage, the top oven flashing is not big enough to accommodate the bottom oven without breaking.

Pesi’s owner just saw my web site. They say they will work with me and asked that i take down my web site telling my awful story.

Dude! You caved! Get your site back up. PESI is a crappy company to work with and they have low life salesmen. Didn’t your months of experience tell you that they are good at blowing smoke up your arse?

You bought the oven, and after repeated attempts did not get even the most basic things fixed. You haven’t done anything wrong here, and without a new oven or the current problems fixed, you should leave the site up as leverage, making it’s removal contingent upon your satisfaction, and nothing before as a non-negotiable point.

With that site gone, your problems suddenly drop off the pesi priority check list.

I couldn’t agree more! (about putting the site back up, I know nothing of their company or sales practices)

Put that site up asap and see how fast they fix your problems!

Nice guys finish last lol.

It’s your call on if it is appropriate to take down the site. For me, if I told them you would take it down in exchange for them getting my stuff fixed, I would keep my word until they showed that they were not going to deal in good faith. At that point I would let them know why it is going back up. You know how negotiations have gone in the past. They know that it can go back up as fast as it came down.

More importantly, getting a bad rep in this forum and others would be very bad for business. It would be much better for them in the long term, if they make you happy, say it was a misunderstanding and they regret that they did not resolve it in a timely fashion. You get your oven fixed and they avoid a PR problem. If they jerk you around the site goes back up, their name gets tarnished to all of us potential customers in the forums, bad karma man. My lincolns are getting old, I may be in the market soon for either refurbishing or replacing. Since you don’t buy ovens that often, or at least I don’t, you have to base your descision on others experiences. Just food for thought.

As far as the lawyer goes, are the damages low enough that you can file a claim in small claims court. It is more time consuming for you, but also for them. If they do not follow through at this point, and you have all you documentation, that may be a better way to go.


They have till Monday to give me a date to get a tech to my store to fix some of the problems. If they give me an extended warranty in addition to fixing the most critical problems I will be OK. If they don’t call and commit to a date Monday or if they don’t show up I will repost my site. I think you are all right I should have left it up, but at this point I would have to state my position before reposting or violate my word.

forget the lawyer…a company’s rep on this site is PRICELESS

it is sad that you have to go this far to get results, but it their defense you should post when/if they come through

if not keep bumping this thread so people steer clear

PESI better come through for this guy

We also had an issue with them 2 years ago when we were trying to buy a refurbished oven. Kept getting the run around, they didn’t return phone calls, would promise delivery date in future and then all of a sudden moved delivery up to a three day deadline and had to have our check immediately in advance! We eventually cancelled our order and went another route. Not long after that we received a message from the owner wanting to talk to us about the order and when we called him back – he never returned our call. Customer service is not their strong point.

Their “style” sounds pretty familiar. I gave up on ever dealing with them just based on their salesman hounding via the phone after my ONE inquiry. There are way too many good firms out there (think of our own George Mills) to have to deal with the ones that are only playing a one-sided game.

Thank you for your complement.

The head man at PESI has moved to China and the company is for sale.

I personally always had a good relation ship with the company and the owner.

I hope they find a qualified buyer who can solve their problems.

George Mills

If you screw customers over in china, or make the government look bad you don’t have to worry about a lawsuit. The firing squad is available 7 days/week to solve these problems. “Got contaminated milk?”

My site is back up, take a look at a pro series oven

So I take it they didn’t rectify the problem eh?


I have to admit, that’s worse than I thought it would be. Yeah…lawyer up.