should I get a lawyer?

wow! That is shocking - and you paid up front for this?? I assume that they haven’t fixed it yet so I’d get a lawyer in on this one. Thats gonna take some serious fixing!

Good luck and keep us posted.

Given the opportunity to fix problems, you would think people would get on it. The yahoos at PESI are pros at passing the buck.

Spending thousands of $ on marketing, trade shows,… yet avoiding fixing glaring problems. They had an opportunity here to make a few evangelists yet chose to do nothing, and effectively kill any sales that involved a google search. sad.

OK, Pesi actually sent me parts (some of them the wrong parts) and called me back so I am happy today. Thank you all for witnessing. I have to take down the site again. I will have to make a final version when all this is over, with the whole story. I realize even if I get satisfaction the next guy probably won’t and should know my problems. I wish I had seen some close up photos before I bought their. Thanks for the advice, now how do I find a lawyer?

If you want to see my oven contact me through and I will E-mail photos

It is my understanding that the company is up for sale, and I am not even sure that they are presently building and selling ovens anymore. With the money that you spend on an attorney, and the time consumed, you might be ahead of the game if you just “bite the bullet” and contract with someone like George Mills, to make the repairs for you so you can get the oven up and running.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor