Should I offer fountain or canned soda

I recently added 30 seats into my delco unit and plan on using it mainly for large groups such as meetings or sports teams,my question is should I add a fountain unit to serve them or should I just go with canned sodas?

when we first opened we had canned cokes because of the wait on equipment, I can tell you we got some pretty negative feed back and really doesnt look as presntable as fountain

I agree! Big groups usually take time, and the longer they are there, the more they drink. I would not be happy having to get up and pay for another can every time someone in my party was thirsty.

Absolutely get the fountain. Its expected if you have a reasonable amount of dining.

Plus a fountain is a lot more profitable compared to cans too

Yep, put me in the “canned pop looks cheap” column.

Each type of pop has its place in the market. I have worked for placed that have tried to deliver fountain pop and it was a huge PITA. I would not have to think twice about putting in a fountain for instore sales, it is the only logical product for that purpose.