should we close one day a week or not?

how many pizza delivery restaurants close one day a week?

we have been opening 7 days a week for about 3 years. no employees, just family 4 people.
we deliver and carry out. we have had drivers, they quit. maybe we will have more employees soon.

we close on july 4th, thanks giving, christmas day and maybe on new years.

how many of you think that a restaurant should be closed once a week?
does your restaurant close once a week?

what are your views and comments about this issue?

thank you

Completely up to you. I could not be competitive in our market without being open every day. People expect it. Plus, I want the revenue. I have a partner, though, and that was one of the reasons.

that makes sense i guess.

We were open 7 days for a couple of years and then one Easter we closed…went on a float trip and truly enjoyed the day off. From that moment on we have been closed. It has been about 10 years.

We have some customers say how come you guys are closed on Sundays? We were going to come down after church…I say…cause we were at church. People tend to understand. We were tempted when we opened our second store to open. We are surrounded by churches and I am sure it would bring alot of business but I personally go to church…I want my workers to go to church and certainly don’t want to hinder them from doing so.

Before I was saved I enjoyed the Sunday getting caught up on housework, paper work and general projects at the store now I enjoy having fellowship with my church family.


In my pizzeria days we were open 5, 6 or 7 days a week…In the end we settled on 6 days and we made enough profit for our needs…We closed on Mondays for the most part and Sundays as well when Monday was a stat holiday like Victoria Day, Labour Day or Thanksgiving (in Canada a Monday in Oct.)…We were the most costly pizza in town, charged for delivery and had the best product so we never really worried about the other 2 stores…

It depends on where you are located. We are in California. NOBODY is closed on Mondays any more.

If your in this business to make $$ then you have to get a great team on board and open 7 days a week without the every now and then closing early or just closing.This will for sure get whatever customers that you do have now pissed when they call or arrive at your location and you are CLosed Again!I am not saying that you couldn’t make it in the business if you do close but you just won’t be as profitable at all no matter what anyone tells you.I’ve seen many of them close up because of these issues.


tell the founder of Chick-fil-a that closing Sundays will hurt his business (one of the highest grossing QSR operators)

I think whatever you decide you need to be consistent and train your customers accordingly…pick your hours and DO NOT CHANGE! You will confuse customers. We close Sundays for over 8 yrs now and have never looked back. I think it was one of the best decisions I made for MY business (owner operated-13hrs per day 6 days a week)…it is the light at the end of the tunnel every week that my employees and I look forward to and in turn helps retain my full time help, increase productivity, and reduce burnout. In addition, we close for vacation for a week every 6 months

Unfortunately, most places are not busy enough to be able to do this so obviously it is not a choice that can be made for everybody. You also have to be the best otherwise you will lose to your competition

Good Luck!

Amen brother!!! I started closing mondays a few months back after being open for about 3 months and was the best thing I ever did.made my Tuesdays busier and I actually get a day off and greatly look foward to it.IMO if you need a slow day open to make, you should rethink/change some things about your business.

I didn’t know Chick Fil-a was an independent pizzeria? Hence the Main Topic.Come on down to a big city like here in Phila.and try to open a pizzeria that closes one day a week and you’ll be starving!Especially on Mondays when Monday night football is a killer!By the way I hate ‘chick fil-a’