Show me your small store, please.

Hi Guys,
I am working on setting up a 2nd location in a small town. The kitchen is pretty small, about 500sqft. It is also designed really weird in a triangle shape with alot of wasted space. If you have pictures or layouts of how you set up in a small space, I’d really appreciate it. I’m used to my 1200sqft kitchen set up so this is going to be a bit of a change for me.

Hi Crusher:

Sounds like it is too small . You indicate the size of the kitchen is 500 sq. ft. there more to the facility?

If you will Email me a sketch of your building with dimensions I will have my son Joe who has drawn the plans for several thousand pizza shops take a look at it.

Please include a list of equipment you want to use , your menu, how much existing A/C , show where gas and electrical enter the building, show any bath room, and is it a flat roof.

George Mills

My store is 714 sq ft total with 18 seats including a 12 ft bar and ADA bathroom recently built out 9 months ago. Kitchen is less than 500 sq ft and we do a good volume. Metro shelves wall mounted all the way around the kitchen is key. We have two 2-door fridges, two small pizza prep tables, mixer, slicer, double pass sheeter, prep sink, and a corner 3-compartment sink plus a MM 360 conveyor oven. You have to get used to using a small space and communication is important on busy nights even more so when it’s a small kitchen.

Thanks George,
I’ll try to get it scketched up. the total building is 1600sqft. I plan having to expand some of the kitchen a little.

my 1st location which my son is buying, is 1750 sq ft, our 8x6 walkin is outside which helps, we seat 75. we use every inch of space and it is tight, but it has worked for us for 29 years, in my new buildout they want 42 in isles every where, so now i have 2400 sq ft with seating for 68 hmmmm but a kitchen with some horsepower ! set up for volume, staying small has it’s advantages, i’ve seen many larger restaurants that were really jamming at some point, go out of business when the economy takes a dip, the small shops are the survivors with an owner operator in charge, you can do it !!!

I’d show you mine, but it’s currently set up so inefficiently, it’s kind of embarrassing.

We got a 800 sq.ft building which in reality turned out to be smaller. The latest layout is attached. Maybe it would give you some ideas :wink: