showing a dvd

I was under the impression that showing dvd movies in public was not allowed, I was at sams club and tthey had all there demos running a movie…harry potter…
same thing happened when I was at best buy the tvs where all playing ants…cartoon
two questions can I play current run movies on dvd
if not what if I am purchasing satalite and do the on demand rental movies?
also anyone know where I can get the stereo speakers that sit at your table and you turn the knob to the coresponding number to the tv you want to watch?

hmmm good question i beleve if you dont charge any money to see it. it is ok.

I strongly urge you to read the license agreement for the DVD/movie you are purchasing. If you got it off the rack at a store, then it has a private viewing license allowing you to use it in your home. That said, you must make your own business and personal choices in life.

While you may never get caught and procesucted, it is copyright infringement to use that dvd/movie in your restaurant or commercial establishment. Look at the big FBI warning sometime; it is interesting reading.

It is similar to, but not the same as, playing retail CD music over speakers. You may stay under the radar for a while, but ASCAB and/or BMI will find you eventually if doing unlicensed music. Most likely when a competitor or other person with an ax to grind calls them. I do not know who handles similar situation for movie copyright protection.

I suspect that there are commercial licensed movies available somewhere. You might check with a movei rental house for a contact for where they buy movies . . . their version may be the sort of thing you need (like $90 apiece) to stay on the clear side of the law. ALSO, The stores like Wal-Mart and BJ’s selling movies have license to use the movies as marketing to sell still more movies . . . it’s licensed that way.

Years ago while working as an insurance adjuster I had a rather unfortunate assignment…The parents advisory council of a local elementary school bought a copy of the 101 Dalmations on the day it was released and was having a family night in the school gym…Somehow the lawyers at the legal department of Disney caught wind of it and hired me to go be a “spy”…So I dragged my little guy along with me and watched while they screened the video without the proper licence…A little while later the PAC and school district got a stern letter saying do not do it again…And from what I understand some companies will pay rewards for turning in people these days…RCS…

We show DVD music concerts and play CD’s all on licence. We pay about $45 for CD and $95 for DVD to APRA (Australian Performing Arts or whatever). Keeps our noses clean.

Wouldn’t risk it without having the licence for a mere $145 per year.


well I would like to stay on the right side of the law, so who do I contact?

Dave in Australia :smiley: He has the hook-up. I hear he sells DVD’s for $95 apiece. Or did I misunderstand all that?


Note: I don’t know anything about them - but they seem to do what you want. YMMV.

How do you spell “Ka-ching”?..They do not post their fees and that is usually not a good sign…RCS…

I’m sure their fees vary widely - depending on the number of seats your “Showing” venue has. Thus it probably doesn’t make any sense to post any fees at all…

Nick I think you’ve been visiting those 3 liquor stores in your towm too much :stuck_out_tongue:

No I don’t sell them for $95 but I wish I did 'cause I only pay $10 for them - it would be a great Cost to Sale % :smiley:

We PAY $95 a year for the DVD LICENCE and $45 for the CD LICENCE.

But hey I like your way of thinking for making good money on selling them, much like the premium price pizzas we sell. :wink: