Shredded or Diced

With cheese being at a all time high and I’m using Grande’s East coast blend $3.34# would I be better off using diced instead of shredded? Is there better coverage with diced cheese than shredded? could I then use less cheese on the pie? 3 oz. 12" 7 oz. 14" 10 oz. 16" is what I’m portioning now. Looking to save a little $. Thanks
PS. 10% of my business is Take & Bake and wondering how the customer would feel if they saw diced instead of shredded cheese on there pie.

I believe diced gives a better “spread” to get a pie evenly covered plus is easier to cover the sauce to the edge without melting on the crust. Shredded presents far better for Take and Bake as it gives the impression that it is shredded in house. If I had Take and Bake, I would use shredded for it but if it was only 10% of my sales, I would use diced for my cooked pizzas. If T&B was 70% of sales, I would just use shredded for everything.

Grande Diced cost us about .1 c more per pound, recently we got a promo that gave us diced at the same price of uncut blocks, from my experience it spread much better then shredded, but I wont pay the up charge at the end of the month when the promo ends, cheese is already way too expensive.