Shredding cheese with a Hobart

OK, I have a Hobart 60qt Mixer and I have a Pelican Head I want to start shredding my own cheese since I have heard there is a 10-13 cents per pound savings

what size Blade do you recommend and what speed do you use


Can’t remember the size, but I can tell you to start at a low speed… Place I used to help at an employee started out in 4 and it launched the shaft out of the head and sent it across the room and put a sizable dent in the wall… I’m sure it probably wasn’t locked in all the way, but something to keep in mind… Speed will ultimately depend on what kind of shred you want and the strength of whoever is shredding…

we use a large hole/shred, on #3 speed…we blend/grind 50/50 mozz & prov sticks at the same time…large shred easy to distribute & melts just fine…

My blade size is 3/16" perfect shred size

Like Stebby says a lot depends on who’s doing it. It can be really inconsistent. The colder the better, I take one block out at a time.

We shred 400 lbs a day on pelican heads on speed 4.

Speed 1 would take all day