shredding cheese

hey guys just started shredding my own cheese using my hobart mixer using a 3/16 blade any sugesstions on keeping it from clumping back up

thanks dennis

Keep the cheese as cold as possible. It will tend to clump more as it warms up.

We currently shred our own cheese. Same problem. Now that we have lowered our prices it is even more important that weighing our cheese is accurate. When cheese clumps up, instead of fighting with the cheese people just tend to put the extra cheese on the pizza. Does pre-shredded cheese have some kind of cellulose added to it so it doesn’t stick together. If it doesn’t impact the flavor, where can we buy it?. Also, how can we dice it into small beads instead of our normal shred. Thanks.

Yes it does. You can get a similar effect by putting a little flour in the shredded cheese. We shred three six-pound loaves into deep full pans, and in between each one we dust with a small handful of flour.