Shredding Cheese

If I do not have a hobart what other piece of equipment could I purchase to shred cheese.

Vertical Mixer/Cutter

Food processor like the Robocoupe CL50

We use a stefan VCM. It dices up 20lbs of cheese in about 25 seconds.

Really, that’s awesome. It takes me about 10 minutes to do 20#s of cheese on my Pelican head. When I get up to the volume you do, I’ll have to seriously take a look at a VCM.

They do have standalone cheese shredders. I found this one on Ebay…

The same machine mixes our dough. After using hobart mixers in the past and now the VCM, I would not go back to a hobart for my current needs.

the shredder listed on ebay is for hard cheese, like parms/romano etc