Shredding our own cheese

We are switching from using pre-shredded cheese to shredding our own. Our pre-shredded blend was 50-50. Mozzarella is cheaper than provolone, does anyone use more mozz than provolone when shredding? If so, what ratio do you use?



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We do not do a blend, but we do hit the top of the pie with a good amount of Romano.

Back in the day, I used to run block cheese through a meat grinder as opposed to shredding it with a pelican head attachment, I found it less apt to clump, and also easier to measure when building pies
(Ban shredded cheese, Make America Grate Again)

Ahhh i needed that :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously tho, we use a blended cheese. But we have our cheese supplier do it at the plant (chain store so yeah we get volume).

Mozz is usually sold as 8-6lb loaves
Prov is 12lb usually
So grab a case of mozzarella
And 4 sticks of provolone cut each loaf of mozzarella in 4 equal pieces
Cut each stick of provolone in 8 equal pieces
You should have 32 pieces of each cheese now put a piece of each every time you shredd.

I use more mozz than prov. I was shredding a 3 cheese blend but I just buy it now diced

100% Mozz. We use a VCM so ours is more “diced” than shredded.

We just bought a pelican head and we’re going to mess around with different blends today at some point. How does the cheese look if it’s just mozz?

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White :smiley:

I couldn’t resist.

Lol obviously, but does it show a little bake in the coloring or does it stay pretty white? We have had customers saying “I don’t want my cheese to be white” which for us and our preshredded blend has never been a problem.

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I decided to switch to shredding my own for 3 reasons… Cost, but you must be careful of waste that can occur in this process (sticking to equipment, employees not getting all the cheese out of container at make line, even the force used to depress the cheese makes a difference in shred and subsequent use), Purity, We love block whole milk mozzarella, not anti caking agents, or modified food starch, & Performance, shredding fresh results in superior cook, stretch (diced does not yield same results in my opinion, even freshly diced), reheat and overall superior taste.

I never cared for mixed cheese on my pies, but I enjoy tasting it elsewhere… You might add a small amount of white cheddar to your blend or even some gouda, which makes incredibly creamy, stretchy cheese… (learned that from my Nona btw)

Pelican Heads suck BTW… call Pete over at… We shred 50 lb cases in minutes… I saved the entire cost of the cheese hog in less than 7 months in shred vs. block alone, My philosophy is don’t be cheap with the equipment if you want great food results!


After my smart remark I decided I would show you how my pizza looks with just mozza. I put all toppings under the cheese and the pizza is baked in a pan. I use Edge60 ovens set at 470 degrees for 8:40 minutes.


when we shred, we do a 50/50 blend, but use the large holed disc to shred…clumps less & melts the same…faster to apply…

we use part skim and whole milk mozz 50/50 pizza counter.jpg

That’s a nice looking pie!

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Thanks! It was one of 32 for an order to feed volunteers at a fundraiser.