Shrimp as a Topping

I am sure many here offer shrimp as a topping…I am working on a specialty pizza and I was wondering how does the un cooked shrimp do during a normal pizza cook time …to keep it simple lets just say normal is under 10 mintues…does it work well…I like to use shrimp that is deviened but uncooked…I am looking at a medium size shrimp in the 30-40 ct per pound…Thanks… :slight_smile:


sorry, I use cooked shrimp. portioned and frozen, quick micro for 2 min then put it on pizza. Why would you insist on raw shell fish, sounds dangerous.

we don’t do shrimp anymore but when we did we got a great deal on fresh shrimp…boiled them then froze them I really REALLY think messing with raw shell fish is a dangerous line and don’t forget cross contanimation…so many people are allergic to shell fish

UHHH YEAH I don’t think that is a good idea…at all. It would be like putting raw chicken on a pizza.

What is the big deal with using pre cooked?


pre-cooked by someone else opens the risk for reduced flavor. We don’t know how they cooked them and how they were handled afterwards. Cooking in-house allows me to maximze the flavor retention. That said, I would COOK them in house, prep and store for later use, then use them on pizzas that way.

Sounds tasty, but as a customer I don’t know if I would even order a pizza topped with shrimp. It’s one of those things that people tend to shy away from unless it’s a sit down restaurant with a “seafood menu”. Hope that makes sense

Here in Australia almost all Pizzerias do shrimp - or prawn as we call them. I defrost them - enough for day or 2. put them on the pizza raw of course - can’t see what the drama is - keep them in fridge at all times of course. Pre-cooking them is a terrible idea in my book. aside from lack of flavour and over cooking them I’s say they go off quicker that way

microwaving a prawn of 2 minutes sounds like over cooking before it’s even gone into pizza oven to me.

I would like to use Frozen uncooked deveined shrimp…I am not using it as a typical pizza topping but on a pizza that is made to go with shrimp…its a specialty pizza…I was wondering if the uncooked shrimp would cook well during a typical bake…about 10 minutes or less

I’m guessing that size shrimp would not cook properly from raw in less than 10 minutes when combined with cheese and toppings. We use a raw 70-90 count with a 10-minute cook time and it comes out just about perfect. When testing a thin-crust the other day cooking in less time the shrimp were “questionable,” despite being much smaller than the ones you are planning to use.

But the only way to know for sure is to try it! If it doesn’t work, try cooking it separately and then topping the pie after baking. Perhaps on a range or maybe put them in their own pan side-by-side with the pizza in the oven.

sure does. we use 41-50 size . in 490 degree oven at 6 minute cooks great. thats with cheese and tomato sauce etc.

Thanks for the replies…I think I will try with the next smaller size shrimp…It may not even work as a pizza for taste…I am taking a pasta I make and tweaking it for a pizza…

We go through appproximately 6kg of cooked prawns (shrimp) per week. As “grapsta” said many if not most pizzerias in Australia use prawns. Like him we thraw enough for a few days at a time and have them in trays on the make bench. We have about 5 signature pizzas that have them on them and they sell well. Never had a problem with them. We use 90 - 120, or 100 - 200 count when the others are not available. Buy them in already cooked.

Try this pizza and se how good shrimp / prawns taste on a pizza - red sauce base, mozz, fresh sliced mushroom, prawns / shrimp and bacon, topped with light spread of mozz. A beautiful tasting pizza and a huge seller for us. We call it “Portofino”.