Shrimp as a topping

Does anyone use shrimp as a pizza topping? We’re adding it to the menu and I’m worried about spoilage issues. I’d greatly appreciate any and all advice on purchasing, handling, preparing, etc…


We keep our shrimp in the freezer until we need it. Then we portion it out according to the pizza size and thaw it in the microwave. We then cut each shrimp into thirds for better coverage. This works because we put toppings under the cheese. If you top above the cheese, putting the shrimp frozen on top should cook up fine. Use a separate pizza cutter and bus it immediately after you’ve cut the pizza.

We used them for a couple of years. It was always iffy as to selling enough to justify the spot on the menu but they are VERY tasty and they go great with bacon and with pesto. We used a fully cooked, peeled and deveined product. You can buy any size you want. I suggest you go with one that is the size you want to use without having to cut them. Probably something like 50-60 X 1.

They come frozen. (IQF) If you keep them that way and use small ones you can put them right on top of the pie frozen and cook the pizza.

I’ve done a shrimp scampi pizza and a shrimp pesto and both were astounding but just wouldn’t move enough to keep the shrimp on the menu so I moved on. Same thing with a crab Rangoon pizza I did. Even in SF, it’s just a bit too far left of the norm for folks to try so if/when I do them again, I’ll be trying them as a monthly special and not permanently.

we are in a mostly Spanish area and they love shrimp on pizza. listen to the guys above and you will be fine! and yes shrimp and pesto pizza is the bomb!

I love shrimp and would order it on a pizza