Shrimp Pizza - Canada (and anywhere else)

Years ago, somewhere out in Nova Scotia, my husband and I had a “Shrimp Pizza” that was absolutely to die for. I have been trying to recreate it ever since. It was large shrimp in some kind of cream sauce and fresh herbs. I don’t remember there being any cheese on it and although I tried using an alfredo sauce for the base, the flavor isn’t quite the same.


I have a friend who sent me this message. Anyone out there in Nova Scotia make a shrimp pie? Anyone else have a fabulous shrimp pie with fresh herbs I can recommend? I have some recipes, but none I have made myself.

You wouldn’t believe it but Domino’s had a TV advert on tonight (firts time) for their new Prawn (shrimp) Pizza with white and some other type of sauce swirled on top.

Couldn’t recommend it though as most of their pizzas taste like … :wink:

We do a Marinara Supreme pizza with prawns, anchovies, smoked mussels, calamari rings, crab meat and sliced olives topped with lemon pepper. Tomato pizza sauce base with light cheese base and topping. Sells well and taste great.