Shrinking Dough Help

For 25 years I haven’t had an issue with dough. Last few months I am having issues with the dough shrinking and I can’t figure it out. I sell a 16 inch pizza and they are turning into 14-15 inches and it’s a real problem. Anyone else have these issues?

Here is our process:
50 pounds flour
4 ounces dry yeast
16 Sugar
8 Salt
14 Quarts water

Hobart Mixer - 15 Minutes
Cut and throw in dough rounder. We have also hand balled them to see if the rounder was doing something and had the same issues. Dough sits for about a day before being stretched. Very frustrated here. Any input is appreciated. I haven’t made dough in a long time so I can’t be sure that they aren’t doing something different but I did make some and seem to be the same issues.

What about water temp?

I note that there is no oil in the recipe. Has it always been that way?

There is a bunch of things it could be,

There is no oil in the dough which makes it more elastic(snaps back)

The water is kind of low which contributes to elasticity.

Maybe when you are placing the pizza on the belt the pizza is contracting, we make sure we gently place the pizza on the belt.

Last year the dough was behaving differently…rising up instead of rising out and up. I was told by a professional bakery it was because the flour was up in age. That dough was really elastic

I agree with Pizza99 that we need confirmation about if you do or ever have used oil and how much. That was my very first thought when reading your question.

Have you checked the disks/screens you are using? Are they new? Old?

Have you changed flours?

Is your walkin cooler colder than it has been in the past? Might not be getting enough proofing in the cooler.