Shutdown a Domino's

Hi guys, I’m in a small town of around 12,000 and the only competition is Domino’s. I’m getting tired of them and would like to shut them down. Anyone got any ideas? Anyone put a Domino’s out of business before? Holla at me!

I’m in a town of around 4,800 and they lasted 25 months. At first people tried them which is the norm for anything new. I did not lower my prices to match theirs but focused on quality, service and combo packages. I’m not sure what you have on your menu but theirs is limited so it is hard for them to compete with you on combo deals. They have a much higher over head than most of us and tend to be stingy when it comes to donations and community events so be sure to particapate in those. If you want I can e-mail you some promos we ran and give you a little insight into their process. They brought in people to sell coupon books door to door, door hung 3 weeks straight, sold larges for $4.00, sent out numerous mailing pieces, advertized in the paper twice a week with a half page ad just to mention some. One thing for sure YOU will end up putting in some long days and make sure you watch your labor and food costs closely.