Sicilian Dough Process?

We are trying to figure out a way to speed up our Sicilian Dough “Days”. We are selling approximately 60 Sicilians a week which is 3 batches per week. It’s not that it’s hard, it’s relatively easy, but the timing of it just takes forever.
Suspend ADY for 10 minutes in 105 degree water
Mix 2:30 speed 1
Mix 7:30 speed 2
Cut and ball
Put onto trays to proof in the warming cabinet for 30 minutes
Flour, sheet, dock, and stretch to fit pans (approx 20-30 minutes)
Proof in pans for 90 minutes
Par bake in oven, about 30 minutes to get all 18 out of the conveyor (we have two conveyors but it’s very rare that we can ever use both due to the timing at this phase, typically around 12:30-1:00)
Rack and let cool for 10-15 minutes.
Bag, MRD tag, and freeze

We have two Sicilians that won’t fit in the proofer left over so we start again from the proofing at 90 minutes again for the final two.

Typically we will start this at 9am and usually have all 20 finished by 6pm.

Is this too drawn out?

Does anyone have a thought on how to speed this up?

What’s your Sicilian process? (I don’t need a recipe so don’t be shy!)

Thanks in advance,


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we use our regular pizza dough that went through its normal proofing process and hand stretch it into the pans in the morning, cover them with plastic wrap and stick it on the top shelf by the make table…and there it sits until someone orders one…as they are ordered we set out more till a few hours before closing. may not be the best way to do it and Tom will prob cringe but its easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Adjust your dough size to give you just enough dough to fill the pans for a single proofer load, then as soon as you finish with the lunch rush start the second dough and repeat the process you should be finished with the second dough well in time to be ready for the dinner trade. Since the par=baked crusts keep well for up to 3-days when stored at room temperature you shouldn’t have any problem at all just maintaining a fixed inventory of par-baked crusts during the week. From what it sounds like you will only need to make one dough every day or two to maintain the inventory, just remember FIFO.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thank you Tom

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We use a different dough recipe for this. I’m not sure our regular dough would do the trick

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yeah, I do have a great sicilian dough recipe but we don’t sell enough yet to warrant a separate dough and our regular dough comes out darn good.