Sicilian Pizza Pans

So I’m trying some new things in the shop. I have 3 pizza places opening up in my neighborhood soon. actually, one is already open. I’m making fresh foccacia bread for our panini sandwiches and its amazing! the problem is the pan I cook it in a Winco 12x18x1 Sicilian pizza pan. I picked it up at the restaurant depot for about 20 bucks and its a piece of crap. it has a black nonstick finish that cooks the bread beautifully. I have used the pan twice and the finish comes off like a lottery scratch off ticket. every little bump and I see the metal underneath. anyway… does any one have any recomendations on a black nonstick pan that doesn’t scratch as easy? or something I can season to be nonstick?

We’ve gotten ours at restaurant depot as well and always spray the pan before use just to be sure. We haven’t really had any issues with them (16x16) but we’ve had issues with their Pizza screens not being very high quality. What they sold were American Metal Craft but it appeared to be a cheapened version. If Winco isn’t a RD brand, try ordering direct from them. They could be mass producing for RD at a lower quality so RD can sell them the same as Winco, minus the shipping.

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The first place I would check for any pan needs would be Lloyd pans. The are quite expensive but their stuff lasts like nothing else in the pizza industry.

yeah our focaccia uses a ton of olive oil on the pan it hasn’t stuck I just don’t like the quality of the nonstick surface. I also used a normal aluminum half sheet pan and even with a lot of oil the bread stuck to that pan.

yeah, im gonna check them out next.

I use Lloyd pans with the dura coat finish. They are used twice a day and the finish is still perfect after almost 10 years. Well worth the price!

The other thing you could look for is a blue steel pan, this is what I have used with great success

awesome! thanks @Pizza of the Month[/USER] and [USER=1562]@ddariel20 I’ll be looking into both!

Have you tried that new Italian pan pizza place that opened in Chicago recently? They sell the weight.

@rgjujitsu I’ve been trying to make it over there since they opened. but I never make the time.

Me too, I just moved back. Where’s your shop again? It’s on Irving right? have you been by the Nicks on Montrose?

grumble grumble! haven’t tried them yet but I’m sure I will soon…they are very close to me. Although we are not as big as they are, I am looking forward to some friendly competition.

And, yes we are on irving by whipple…3038

I actually interviewed for the gm position. Very strange management group. They spent a ton on build out. They asked me to take a lap around the dining room(which was empty and under construction), I’ll tell you more when I meet you, I’m coming some day soon I wanna try your pie!

Loyeds Have great Pans

lol people will try anything these days! Ill dm you my info!