Sign Shaking - What is everyone's thoughts?

My background in a brief nutshell: Worked for a large chain who routinely had a banner shaker 7 days a week from 11 to 2, and 4 to 7. Honestly don’t really remember EXACTLY how well it worked, but it worked well enough for us to do it.

I opened my small independent late 2011. My location was NOT ideal, and did not provide a nice safe location in which to sign shake. We would do it sparaticly, and get some positive results, but nothing overwhelming.

Last month we just bought out another independent who was retiring, and took over their location (much more centrally located near two major roads), which also has a nice grassy area, blocked off by guard rails of a sort from the road, in which to sign shake.

I recently approached my three instore employees about the possibility of implementing the banner shaking, to get them extra hours, and they were all adamantly against it. I even went a step further to offer an incentive pay rate for doing it, still no interest. Before pursuing the issue farthing in deciding if I am going to do it, I wanted to get some feedback from follower TTers who may currently or recently have done sign shaking.

How often do you do it? What incentives / pay do you offer? Etc. Thanks in advance!

It against a city bylaw here but I recall a discussion a few years ago on TT that the general consensus was it seemed like an act of desperation.

Tacky and low-end.

Maybe on your opening day/weekend/week. Not beyond that.

“Cheesy” :slight_smile:

I was going to ask what was so bad about sign shaking, then I watched a few videos like this one on youtube… Sorry I doubted you guys for even a moment!

Around here sign spinners are pretty much only used by Little Caesars and during income tax time, blood sucking tax return filing companies.

Funny to read the replies… thought it was only me. It just depresses me…

Damn, if I could find someone with that kind enthusiasm, I might just change my mind! :cool: