Signature Pizza AKA: "Owner/Shop Specialty Pie"

Good Saturday Morning!

I am working on my pizza side of my new restaurant I will open in the spring. Cajun/Asian and Italian, lots of infused food recipes, bringing NYC to the Midwest, etc. Half of my business will be pizza, great sandwiches and classic bar food but with twists and upgrades. The other half, infused classics and some new stuff mixed up from Cajun, Asian (think PHO-Banh Mi Sandwiches, Duck, Bulgogi & Kalbi, etc.), and of course–Italian everything, etc.

Specialty Pies! I will showcase them freshly made in a display case at the counter, continually swapped out during the peak times for all to see.

  1. Duck w/Cherry Sauce. Garlic, crushed red pepper, lemon, red onions, vinegar and crispy fried shallots. [As far as the duck, IMO, at least mine, needs to be like a Chinese or Vietnamese restaurant prepares them, succulent, juicy, red and braised on the outside and perfect inside. I might try to find an outside source for this but I can do it in house as well, just takes time and love!) Mozzarella cheese on the base and everything else showcased on top of it.

  2. Duck w/Italian sweet crumbled sausage. The sausage cooked in fresh basil and oregano and other spices about half way prior to placement on the pie to finish. Provolone cheese, shiitake mushrooms and assorted peppers, orange and red bell peppers, pepperoncini peppers and slice jalapenos.

  3. Eggplant w/Italian sweet sausage. Mozzarella cheese, basil, red onions, and Italian Fontina Cheese.

  4. Fig and Prosciutto w/Blue Cheese crumbled. Mozzarella cheese, prosciutto, spinach, olive oil, honey and strips of Italian pepperoncini peppers. (no Balsamic Glaze as many recipes call for, really doesn’t not work IMO). There is a process of setting this up that will make it stand out, if interested I can post something on that??

  5. Bulgogi and Kalbi mixed Koren style prepped meat pie. With a special Kim Chi/Mayo/Garlic sauce drizzled over the top. Light marinara basic sauce and Mozzarella cheese underneath the meat and toppings.
    Caramelized onions. (same as the Korean restaurants do as a staple with Bulgogi and Kalbi dishes).

Note: I prep my dough bases before adding the specialty stuff to them. I generally use corn meal mixed with flour in a pre-heated pan before placing the dough for a quick par-bake as the beginning.

I also prep my dough with a rub of olive oil and a cut/quartered tomato to rub into the dough. (An old trick the Italian chefs use when making fancy sandwiches and other bread to compliment main dishes, etc.) Also a sprinkle of coarse sea salt and black ground pepper. Quickly par-bake and then add the toppings and other items to finish.

You are guarateed to be the most talked about joint in that neighborhood of the mid-west. And if your pies taste half as good as they sound (except for the kimchi … disgusting stuff imho), the public will beat a path to your door, almost without regard for price. Sounds like you’ve been part of a few good restaurant kitchens. Good luck, and keep us informed.

Thanks. And yes I’ve been around a couple of my own restaurants in the past and many others and spent 30 yearsc in New York City, as well my current wife is Southeast Asian and I have a Korean ex-wife and the past Korean partner from a business for 14 years, so I know a lot about Asian food as well as other kinds of food like Italian. I am Italian background and grew up in a family that we cooked all the time. I agree with you about the kimchi but I developed a very light kimchi base Thai garlic sweet sauce to drizzle let’s just say a unique drizzle with some heat but no way is it pure kimchi!!

Ohhhh, love the kimchi! I refer to it as Korean sour kraut! Good stuff :slight_smile:
Big Dave (Ostrander) used to make a great Ruben pizza using sour kraut so with a little finesse I would think that it would make a great background flavor on the right presentation.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I am big (huge) into the infusion kick these days. Like adding something Asian to Ravioli, or making a Gumbo bowl with PHO ingredients infused and other things, like Italian meatballs within Chinese steamed buns, etc.

My wife and kids are in the Twin Cities and there is a Korean lady near downtown Minneapolis that every food show hosts has been to with huge fanfare, she does a Kimchi pizza as well. Diners-Dives and Drive In’s ‘Guy F.’ has been there, Food Paradise, etc.

I have been to her place and most of the time you can’t even get seated.