Signed up with SpeedLine

Any tips tricks from SpeedLine users is greatly appreciated.

Pay at the door with SpeedLine.
Do the drivers download the app and all they need is a chip emv reader?

We currently use square for all transactions at a fixed rate of 2.35%.
But it’s annoying cause it’s not integrated and that can cause problems.

Thanks for you help.

The drivers carry a reader that attaches to their phone that also has an app installed on it. The customer inserts the card into the reader and then signs the phone for the signature.

We don’t use it BTW. The customer calling in the card at the time of order is just fine.

Howd you get 2.35% from Square?

Hey Chris, welcome to SpeedLine!

Pay@ the Door - You can either supply your drivers with tablets or phones that you own, or they can download the app of their phones. Then, they need a bbPOS chip reader that pairs to their phone with BlueTooth. You can talk through different ways to set it up with your Account Manager.

As for tips and tricks, this forum is always a good place to ask! You can also sign up for the Customer Support Site and go through the tutorials there. If you just signed up, you’ll be getting emails soon telling you how to access it, and listing different newsletters you can subscribe to.

80k+ a month In cc sales
Been with Square a long time. Customer service sucks but price is right

I was using them for pay at the door functionality since 2015, using the mobile employee function to keep track of sales. Then they changed the rate to 2.6+10cents, plus $35 for employee tracking. I dropped them I was tired of lost readers and Incompatible phones.
I couldn’t return to the old way of over the phone cc sales, so we went with a Bluetooth enabled reader from Worlpay.
I think youll be fine with Speedlines version of pay at the door