Single most important thing!!!

Hello all

I would like to know when all of you first started your business what would you say was the single most important thing you did to really make you business get off the ground and start to grow.


Pray! :wink:
To try and single out the most important thing you do is like picking the most important ingredient in a recipe. Without following the recipe to get everything working together all you have is a bunch of ingredients.

Yeah I guess I could have been more specific. I meant it from a marketing point of view was there something you could pinpoint that had a big impact or really put you over the top. That being said praying is always a good idea! Thanks:)

a lot depends on your market - your product and what you want.

We’ve always been very involved in community events, we didn’t pay for advertising till our 4th year and I’m just now pushing marketing in year 5. Not because we “need” more business… but because I have the time and ability to do so as Im doing less hands on in shop work. Facebook and Twitter are our biggest return on $$ right now as the spend on them is so low.

The most important thing… having a GOOD pizza!

I’d say the single most important thing to focus on is satisfying your customers and giving them the best product you can, at a reasonable price with the best service you can provide. This is considered “marketing”, in its truest form, as happy customers drive new customers to you far faster and much less expensive than any advertising one can afford to pay for.

Hope that helps.