Single Phase Mixer Suggestion


I am new to this forum, so hello to all!

I am in the process of securing equipment for new Pizzeria. Concept will be a fast-casual, featuring NY Style pies. I have been in the restaurant Biz for 25-years, on the corporate side in Ops, Marketing and product innovation. I am in need of some equipment advice.

1 Mixer: Needs a single phase 60qt, any recommended brands/models?
2. I am looking for a 1975 - 1985 Blodgett double decker with the “asbestos” bricks. For NY Style, any other ovens I should be looking at?

Let me know if you need any marketing / sales building tactics…other than the dreaded “couponing”

  • Jeff

Pretty sure Hobart makes a single phase model mixer?

Bakers pride y600s also have “asbestos” decks if you look for the same years back before they banned it. We have 7 stacks and without a doubt i’d highly suggest (as you already clearly know this trade secret) going with the older stones. Make sure whatever oven you get didn’t have the stones replaced at some point, that can always be a problem when you’re looking. Bought a stack recently that was the correct year oven but the stones must have been replaced at some point. Bottom line, new stones suck in comparison!

Look only at Hobart mixers in my opinion. Single phase ones are a little harder to find but they are out there in all sizes. I used to have a 140QT single phase Hobart.

I bought a 60qt used Berkel single phase mixer. Had some intial problems but once we figured out what screw was missing, it has worked perfectly (side not Hobart owns the Berkel brand and service is done thru them now).