Single Platform keeps calling....

Nobody is THAT persistent for nothing.
Who and what are they… anybody know?
Googled it but would rather get the real deal… here.

I use them but I’m about to drop them because they charger $80 a month. Basically they have the rights to Your menu on yelp, google, travelers Ectt… I was having issues with customers saying I overcharged them and that my menu has a cheaper price but the whole time they where looking at my yelp or google page. The issue is I cannot edit those prices unless you sign up for single platform. Once you do they change the prices on all the websites.

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It is also difficult to get out of the arrangement. I had changed the sign-up document to state that they had to contact me to approve the renewal each year rather than an auto-renewal. Of course at the end of the year they did not do so. I challenged the charge on my CC and they fought it. I eventually won when I sent the document to the CC company and they could not show that I had approved the renewal.

All in all $1,000 per year is just too much for what they do.

Single Platform, Yext and Locu are few among other platforms, who they seem to be taking over the listings and making it easy for them to do any changes but much harder for the restaurants to do it on their own. I 've never had any experience with Single Platform or Locu, but I’ve dealt with Yext in my pizza days! Worst experience I’ve ever had with a service like that!
If you can, you better stay away from similar services, you’re better off without them anyway… Too much to deal with that is not even worth the headache!

The online marketing game is changing fast. I think that a few years ago we were beholden to the websites that had the customer eyeballs and needed to maximize the contact there. Perhaps it made sense to pay a high fee to have your menu there ready for view. These websites were masters of SEO and controlled the traffic. It was very difficult to get the customer to our own websites so it made sense to reach out to make the sale on these other platforms.

Those things have changed. At the risk of being a touch premature…

SEO is Dead. Long Live Paid Search.

Today you can get the customer onto your own web page and you should want to do that. If they are finding you online through various other websites they should still be getting to your page. That is what you should be concentrating on… not having the menu on that other site.

The various places that a customer could find out about you 10 years ago are all fading. Customers at home will not even walk to the kitchen to grab the yellow pages if their phone is in reach. Customers in a motel will not search for the local info notebook in the room and nobody is looking in the newspaper. They grab the phone, they search for some combination of words like “pizza near me” or “pizza delivery” and if your ad comes up first or second on the mobile device and they like the little bit of info you have there they click and presto they are on your site where you are in control of what they are looking at.

Why is SEO dead? Grab your phone and search for a popular category of business. What do you see? If there are ads tied to the words you chose they appear first. Only 2 or at most 3 appear on the first screen and none of them are there as a result of organic search results… hence it is the PAYMENT that put them there not the optimization… the organic results are a good way down (after ALL the ads) and you have to scroll to find them. Most people don’t.

Spend more actually getting the customer to YOUR website rather than on content for other websites.

Reminds me of the days when the Yellow Pages had you over the barrel.
Appreciate the info, all.
Glad I asked.

Times sure have changed. I am still in one yellow pages but 15 years ago I was in two and was spending over 10K to be there. Now I spend $500.

Yelp (and some of the other review sites) must’ve gotten sick of places complaining about it and now offers page managers the ability to remove those Constant Contact menu links. I deleted all mine off of Yelp, takes about 2 weeks for them to go away.

Somehow one found its way onto the mobile site for one of my Google listings. I actually had to contact Google support ( They fixed the prices after about a week but refused to remove the menu tab. I find it insane that I can’t edit my own menu on through their page manager and that they’re instead paying someone to make changes to it.

At least we finally figured out why people were occasionally complaining that our “prices were wrong on the website.”

Back in the early 90’s… $500+/month for yellow pages. Unreal. Small little DP store in a small town.
I remember when I started calling other franchisees to see what people were doing as far as dropping it and as soon as we started… we all did. If that makes any sense!
I read some very unpleasant posts here a few months back about what Brad just mentioned. &^%$ that.
If I wanted to have somebody with one hand around my throat and the other someplace else I would have stayed w/ DP.

I receive a call from these types of companies at least once a day they’re really annoying. Almost as bad as the credit card companies.

FOUR times yesterday, FOUR the previous, etc.
I said to the guy (as he’s explaining errors in my menu, search optimization, other babbles, etc)
“Dude… I opened 30 HOURS ago”
Seriously- Monday was our first day.

On top of that they call right in the middle of lunch rushes. Its almost like they know nothing about the restaurant business.

My manager tells them all to call back before 9AM to reach me… haha! the dough guy says the phone is ringing a lot in the mornings…

It really surprises me what gives any company like Yelp and all similar to it, the right to initially create any post about the business without the business’s permission, and then keep harassing you over it!!!
To top that, it’s not just a listing without your permission, but more of an unauthorized listing that also hurts your business thanks to random brainless people who vote 1 star because you don’t deliver to their area, plus other competitors who post as supposedly unsatisfied customers.
And all that is allowed to happen without the business permission and the business can do nothing about it! What is that?!? talk about bullying…

There should have been a class action lawsuit against all that crap, a long time ago! Or maybe it’s about time to start one!

That’s intense!!!

It’s such a joke. I have yelp calling me every week trying to get me to pay $300 for their advertising when I already have 4.5 stars and I’m already on top of the search. They don’t even have control over my own menu on their website. So I told the sales rep I have to pay someone else $75 a month to keep the correct pricing on your website and the $300 you ask from me won’t even give me the ability to do so.

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It’s been a little over 7 years since I sold my place. Since then, the place rebranded, and has nothing to do what it was. Fast forward to this day, the listing on yelp for my old place is still active, and I still get calls to pay them $500/mo for them to remove the advertisements from my listing. They keep calling telling me that my listing had “x” amount of views, clicks, and check-ins! Lol, really check-ins?
Then I have YEXT harassing the crap out of me because my menu between multiple listings doesn’t match, and my website’s seo is not properly configured.
I have been polite, rude, smart@$$, yet nothing can stop them from calling. Internet plage!
I’m losing it… :stuck_out_tongue:

You should pay them… you are losing money! What is wrong with you?


Wow! That sounds about right though Yelp is the worst. About a year ago I finally got somebody sensible and I was like, look I know what you guys do and the bottom line is I’m not going to pay for any of the services you provide. Still tried to sell me with an email, but finally accepted and haven’t received a call from them since!