Single Station POS w/ Point of Success Premium

I closed down my shop a month ago and still have my POS. It is one year old. If anyone wants it, let me know. I’d like to get $1000 for everything.
Hardware Includes:
[list]Dell Inspiron 570
17" widescreen monitor (not a touchscreen)
Cash Drawer
Epson Thermal receipt printer
Keyboard and mouse[/list]

Software includes:
[list]Point of Success Premium
Menu and setup training CD
Online Ordering
CentralPoint Central Office Reporting
Employee Timekeeping
Employee Scheduling[/list]

I called P.O.S. and they stated that there is a $100 license transfer fee. So you can have everything listed here with optional support from POS for $1,100. Email me at ebarten26.2 at if interested.

If you still have pm me. I know its been awhile since you posted it

Getting error with email address ?? Is it correct ??